Smart City Looks Like

Smart City Looks Like

16 Jul 09:00 - 26 Jul 18:00 - Tselinograd
Astana, Kazakhstan


::::::::::Modern urban areas are smart environments equipped with interconnected sensors and devices that allow for the efficient and effective use of the available resources. City officials can exploit smart city technologies to observe the behavior of the communities and monitor infrastructures, with the objective of increasing the quality and reducing the cost of the services provided to citizens.
Designed by University of Milano-Bicocca in partnership with L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, ISINNOVA, Eventi Kazakhstan, and with the Division of Industrial Biotechnology at Chalmers University, this summer school will provide a comprehensive view of the technologies, concerns and assets relevant to the design of smart cities. The lectures will cover the layers that typically constitute a smart city and will consider applications in a number of domains, including mobility, energy, sustainability and urban planning.
The program will start with the analysis and description of the increased use of technology, specifically unlocking, analyzing and using data to solve problems and exploit opportunities. During the second part of the program the class will work on smart and sustainable city solutions through intelligent urban planning, while observing concrete initiatives directly handled by local authorities.

The school will be held in Astana, a city with big plans for development situated in a country that has a clear socially-oriented program, based on a new quality of life for the greatest possible number of citizens focused on the modernization of the society and the state on the basis of industrial-innovative development. Our lecturers will highlight strategies for a practical implementation of sustainable solutions. The program will be enriched with several guided visits to smart-sites in the city of Astana, and best practice presentations by leading international organization on urban planning and sustainability.

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